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VÖ / OUT: 11.01.2019 #### SINGULARITÄTEN carries on FERNDAL`s way to to combine (Black) Metal with elements of classical music. But if you now think about orchestral keyboard sounds or kitchy samples, you are wrong, SINGULARITÄTEN is not that kind of artificially symphonic pop music! It is rather a confrontation, merging and crossover of the different compositional methods of Black Metal and classical music: There are Black Metal songs adapted in classical instrumentation (Klavierquintett in e-moll `Mother North`) as well as classical composition with Black Metal sound (`Serenade`) and everything in between. #### SINGULARITÄTEN was recorded, mixed and mastered in August 2018 in Hellforge Sutdio by Marco Brinkmann, `Mother North` was recorded by Michael Hierer in the concert hall of the conservatory Münster. Guest musicians contributed to the sound diversity with 4 cellos, grand piano, church organ and French horn. #### Main topics of the album are philosophical, psychological and emotional aspects of existence and freedom – once with cold precision, once with expressive violence. Music and lyrics were penned by Lestaya and Sorathiel. The band`s new album is not only longer than its predecessor `Ferndal`, but also darker and more divers: sophisticated and thrilling melodic Black Metal! #### PRESS VOICES #### `With `Singularitäten`, FERNDAL create a most preciously shimmering black metal album that manages to give space to classical instruments like French horn, cello, grand piano and an organ, raising an incredible dynamic. (...) The first highlight of 2019 is set! (13/15 points)`, Legacy #### `Nordic sounds from Muenster will provide all fans of WINDIR with new stuff and make them happy. `Singularitäten` is thrilling in a black, in-depth an elaborate way. (8/10 points)`, Metal.de #### `In the final track `Distanz`, FERNDAL combine harsh black metal, heroic chants and perfectly balanced symphony, ending an elaborate and musically complex opus with depth and ambition.`, Nocturnal Hall #### `One can say that this is a masterpiece of German songwriting. It is truly on par with the most important creations of German black metal.`, Waldhalla.