Compilation Of Death IV - Book

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Official reprint on Fryktos Burnings the latest IV issue of the Compilation of Death legacy. Over 470 pages with an in depth special about DEATH!! Comes in softcover version with detailed spot UV print and sick design by Justin Stubbs (Encoffination/Father Befouled). DEATH Special: Death – Chuck the Human / 25 Years of Leprosy, Darkthrone, Ripping Corpse, Derketa, Atrocity (Usa), NunSlaughter ANTITHESIS OF LIGHT – FUNERAL DOOM/DOOMDEATH SECTION: Morgion, Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Evoken, Teitanblood, Armoured Angel, Officium Triste, Ophis / Malediction, all the fucking history of Edge of Sanity. RAM METAL SECTION: Burnt Offering, Terminated Rite / Cruciamentum, Morphosis (Ir), Transgressor, Disma, Drowned, Delirium (Netherland). SOME DIES, OTHERS ARE BORN SECTION: Blood Incantation, Demonomancy, Morbus Grave, Filthdigger, Coffincraft, Exanimated, The Fog, Worship Death, Expiations, Khthoniik Cerviiks, Shed The Skin, Taphos, Surgikill, Vircolac, Respawn the Plague, Temple of Worms, Witchvomit, Apostate Viaticum, Psalm I, Venefixion, Black Beast, Archaic Thorn, Assumption, Verbum, Cadaveric Fumes, Darkreverie, Deathfucker, Encrypted, Abjuration, Kurnugia, Malthusian, Memoriam, Spectral Voice, Blooming Carrions, Envenomed, Sempiternal Dusk, Asphodelus, Ruinous, Dungeonhammer, Cryptic Brood, Sepulcher, Inert, Phrenelith, Consumed, Galvanizer, Early Death, Atavisma, Vitriol, Presumed Dead. / Purgatory, Theo Van Eckelen Interview, Dead Congregation, Danny Lilker interviews Ross Dolan of Immolation, Decaying Visions Video Zine, Gorguts, Blondies Niteclub, Graveyard (Spain), Dr. Shrinker, Craig Smilowski Interview, Pentacle, Marc Nelissen Interview, Mortician Magazine, Uniforce Zine, Grave Miasma, Hellwitch, Blaspherian, Embalmer, Num Skull, Metal Mom, Necrowretch BRETT STEVENS SECTION: Joel McIver Interview, Mortician, Nihilism in Metal / Bolt Thrower.