Coldun - Collapsing Polarities Digi-CD

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"Collapsing Polarities" is the 2nd album of the German solo-project COLDUN by the musician of the same name & ex-ANDRAS singer! Multi-instrumentalist Coldun has been actively involved in various bands during the last 20 years and, apart from a guest member who plays the occasional lead guitar, plays all instruments on “Collapsing Polarities” himself. Due to the thematically and musically very different approach, compared to his former activity as lead singer of a well-known German Pagan Metal band, COLDUN is promoted without further background information and should be treated as a completely separate entity. Unlike the excellent, but very Doom Metal-focused debut album that was self-released in 2007, the new album shows a much more progressive, varied and accessible side of COLDUN. It combines Progressive Rock, Dark and Doom Metal with occasional Folk Elements into a captivating, highly enjoyable, harmonious whole, that is recommended for fans of such albums as THE GATHERING's "Mandylion", TIAMAT's "Wildhoney", LAKE OF TEARS' "Moons and Mushrooms" or can be described in Coldun's words simply as "Doom meets Pink Floyd". The CD comes in 8-page digipack with golden disc, and is limited to 900 copies.