Chotzä - Plump u Primitiv (10 Jahr Furchtbar) CD

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CHOTZÄ was founded in 2011 by Szivilizs in Bern/Switzerland. The band's lyrics are written in their mother tongue "Bärndütsch", one of many Swiss-German dialects. Right from the start, CHÖTZA's idiosyncratic Black'n'Roll attracted attention in the scene - live, as well as on recordings. After several changes in the line-up, Cpt. Cunt joined as drummer. CHOTZÄ released several demos, including "Hass Musig" (2012), which laid the foundation for the debut album "Plump u Primitiv" (2014). The second album "Bärner Bläck Metal Terror" was released on CD, vinyl and tape and received an overwhelming response in the underground scene. The third strike was the album "Tüüfuswärk" (2020), which solidified the band's standing in Switzerland and the international underground. The participation of Mr. Morbid (Forgotten Tomb) on the track "Dräck am Schtäckä" is also worth mentioning. The line-up changed constantly during this phase and finally led to the final line-up with Szivilizs (guitar, bass and vocals) and Raven Dust (lead guitar, also active with Malphas). After ten years of band development, the anniversary album "Plump u Primitv (10 Jahr Furchtbar)" will now be released on Folter Records in June. For this, the complete debut was re-recorded , mixed and mastered by the sound veteran at Irsins Sound. Additionally, two previously unreleased tracks were added as a bonus. The musical style remains dirty Black'n'Roll with a good portion of Punk attitude, but comes in a much more powerful sound than in the past, without missing the raw, unbridled spirit of the founding years.