Árstíđir Lífsins - Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjoll né firđir Digi-CD

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Entirely sung in Old Icelandic and twinned with its brother album `Saga á tveim tungum I: Vápn ok viđr` previously released in 2019, Árstíđir lífsins proves on `Eigi fjoll né firđir` once again its ability to produce audial quality: From ambient archaic folklore soundscapes, supported by dark chants and classical instruments, to both modern and classic Black Metal elements, the musical abilities project genuine craftmanship. ++++ Similar to `Vápn ok viđr`, `Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjoll né firđir` was composed and recorded in Germany and Sweden in early 2018 and mixed and mastered in February of 2019 by the experienced hands of renowned producer Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E, Mellrichstadt, Germany. As always, the intriguing layout was executed by the highly talented Christopher Duis of 1gemachtes.de.