Ancient Skin - Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus CD

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Ancient Skin was formed in the first months of 2003, with the intention to create an industrial-black metal sound. The band is composed by ArcOndA (drums), :D1821: (bass), Hellyas (voice and guitar), War (guitar); subsequently the band were manned by Magdalene (keyboards).The band's musical background count War and ArcOndA, members of the band Membro (first Black Metal band of Oristano's provincial) that dissolved in 1998. Subsequently, ArcOndA plays in various other bands of different kinds of music. War found himself the band Charon; they record a demo that dissolved in 2002. Hellyas has a death metal backgruond, after several collaborations with never started project, he creates the band Nekrophagus, they record a demo in 2001 but that dissolved in 2002. :D1821: plays from 2001 to 2002 in a thrash metal band, but he must lived the band for personal motivations. Magdalene begins with Ancient Skin. On the contrary of the first sound's intention of the band, they carry out a melodic-black metal sound, with death and thrash metal contaminations, but the name "Ancient Skin" shows a homage to the band Mayhem (vd. "Wolf's Lair Abyss", track #4), one of the fathers of Black metal. In the summer-autumn of 2003 Ancient Skin take part to several musical meetings in Sardinia, demonstrating a good sound's impact and series intentions. In October of the same year they record their first Demo, never released because recordings was remastered in February 2004, with the including of an additional fifth track. The Demo receives a discreet success, because the band took the part in many concerts, showing a great constant sound's compactness. The lyrics faces philosophical themes, but not about Satan: “Otherwise from more different present productions, our lyrics don't have nothing with the adoration of Satan or every kind of divinity, but it deals about the humanity's cult agreed upon like an fucking endless power, reasoning against Christianity's religion system and every kind of slavery”. The Ancient Skin's music chooses are point toward a violent and persisting sound, the keyboards are used only for background effects. In November 2004 War leaves the band for personal reasons. In 2005 Ancient Skin start to show a personal music production, the band propose most important events, they organize the firsts music festivals with the participation of most important Sardinia's Black metal scene bands, like Verbo Nero and Tregenda. In the subsequent October, Ancient Skin started the recording of "Nobis quoque peccatoribus..."(full-length album), pure and devastating black metal. In January, 2006, Magdalene goes out from the band. The recordings spread April 2006. Now the full-length is finished and released by ARX Productions, underground Ukrainian label in 2008 year.