Irrlycht - Wolfish Grandeur Digi-CD

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Isegrimm (vocals / Wolfish Voices) and Nordger (guitar / Strings of Dignity) felt still the urge and the determination to create mystical, primordial, and misanthropic music after the end of GEWEIH in 2004 (R.I.P. Grim Pagan Kult 1996 – 2005.) Ultimately, this decision of the two Black Metal musicians from the romantic cultural city of Heidelberg resulted in the debut MCD/MLP "Irrlycht", which was released in March 2007. With seven more tracks and their new album "Wolfish Grandeur", IRRLYCHT stoke the old fire in 2021 in a time when only a few protagonists of the early 90s still play and embody this style. "Wolfish Grandeur" is a catharsis of the soul. A shamanic journey, leading to a hypnotic self-healing and an enlightening cleansing of the mind. Leading from the abysses of being, towards resurrection in new splendor!