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Surturs Lohe


Suturs Lohe BandfotoHometown: Meiningen/Thüringen

Date of foundation: April 30th 1996

SURTURS LOHE were founded by Ragnfalt (guitar, bass, vocals) and Tristan (drums) as a Pagan Metal band in 1996 inspired by bands like BATHORY, ULVER, SATYRICON, ISENGARD, STORM and TUMULUS. The later can be considered to be Germany´s first ever Pagan Metal band. As the members were intensively studying Northern and German mythology as well as their regional treasury of legends, this array of topics was destined to be the basis of their lyrics. The band´s name SURTURS LOHE originates from the fire giant Surtur, who with his flame sword sparks the “Weltenbrand”, a world-destroying conflagration in northern mythology.


Lineup: Ragnfalt, Tristan, Thomas Helm (Myrkwidr)
Demo 1999
Brennende Stürme
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Tristan, Mjölnir, Mike
Split 2000
Wo einst Elfen tanzten
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Tristan, Mjölnir, Jormundgandr, Svanhild
Full-length 2001
Vor Walvaters Thron
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Nidhöggr, Reki, Thyr's Sohn, Jens
Full-length 2002
Odal / Surturs Lohe
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Nidhöggr, Reki, Thyr's Sohn, Boreas
Split 2004
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Nidhöggr, Reki, Heidenherz, Alraun, Wolfhetan, Vargynia
Full-length 2011
Lineup: Ragnfalt, Nidhöggr, Reki, Heidenherz, Alraun, Ralph
Full-length 2016

Through the years several SURTURS LOHE members were or still are active in bands like HELRITT, FIMBULVET, MENHIR, EMPYRIUM, TUMULUS, XIV DARK CENTURYS, ODROERIR and HERBSTNEBEL.

Back in 2005 the band HELRITT emerged from SURTURS LOHE, which released the demo "Wälder" and the album "Trotzend dem Niedergang".
Between 2000 and 2011 SURTURS LOHE released three CDs for the Christhunt Productions label. Being signed to Christhunt Productions does not mean that SURTURS LOHE identified with the label or any of its bands.

SURTURS LOHE were the third band signed to Christhunt Productions for the release of three CDs in 2000 after Bluttaufe and Belmez. The development of Christhunt Productions afterwards was unforeseeable and later efforts to terminate the contract remained unsuccessful. Consequently the contractual requirements had to be fulfilled, which meant that also the third full length album „Nornenwerk“ was released by Christhunt Productions in 2011.

SURTURS LOHE expressly distance themselves from the so-called NSBM scene! Our music does not contain any political messages. The band does not sympathize with religious, left-wing or right-wing ideological models.

In 2015 SURTURS LOHE signed a record deal with Einheit Produktionen and is happy and proud to have found a good partner. The fourth album "Seelenheim" (Infoflyer PDF) will see the light of day September 2nd 2016 on Einheit Produktionen.

Current Line-up: Ragnfalt, Nidhöggr, Reki, Heidenherz, Alraun, Ralph


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