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Saxorior (R. Kühn) On September 18th 2015 long-running German Epic Pagan Metal band SAXORIOR will release their sixth album „Saksen“, which narrates the migration of the ancient pagan Saxons from the outset of the first documented mention until the christianization. Lyrics deal with glory and suffering, Hengist and Horsa, the blood bath of Verden to the last grand uprising against the christian yoke. The ancient diction, epic songs and the treatment of historic themes make this masterpiece come across very authentic.


AethernaeumAETHERNAEUM, hailing from Berlin / Germany, will release their new long-player „Naturmystik“ on October 2nd 2015 via EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN. You will get to hear Black Metal with a very epic, ambient and melodic character enhanced by the application of cello, various keyboards, percussion, piano and choirs. Even though the band´s roots are based in Black Metal, their music cannot be reduced to this genre alone. The sophisticated compositions, sometimes longer than than 10 minutes, employ influences from genres like Folk, Progressive Rock, Post-Rock or traditional Heavy Metal. The variety of elements made the production, which was again handled by Alexander Paul Blake at his Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin, even more elaborate. Often 100 tracks were used in a single song.
„Naturmystik“ will be available as CD and art book and in March 2016 the band will tour Germany and Austria with Dornenreich.


Surturs Lohe

SURTURS LOHE from Thuringia and their nature-worshipping Pagan Metal is the new addition to the EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN roster. In celebration of the 20th band anniversary the band´s fourth album entitled „Seelenheim“ (Home of Souls) will come out spring 2016 as Digi-CD & limited box including a patch and a poster. SURTURS LOHE announce: ”We are very happy and proud to let you know that SURTURS LOHE are finally signed again- the label we will work with is none less than EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN. And they are going to release our upcoming album.”


UTMARKEN from Sweden joins EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN / debut out in 2016

UtmarkenThe up- and rising Swedish folk metal band UTMARKEN plans to release its debut album in spring 2016 via EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN. Hailing from Västerbotten, Norrland, UTMARKEN offers a fresh blend of energetic metal with influences from Scandinavian folk music, including the nyckelharpa. Band founder and vocalist Mathias Gyllengahm provides a slightly twisted and headstrong approach in his music as well as in the artistic concept. Reflecting on the band name, Mathias explains: “The word 'utmarken' means the lands in the outskirts, the periphery. Land far away from the city. Places where few people go. I live in that periphery, and get my inspiration from the nature, the people and the history of this part of the world. Paradoxically enough, UTMARKEN is easy to access. In essence it is melodic metal combined with Scandinavian folk music. Strong melodies and powerful refrains. Quite a bit of melancholy.”
Considering the deal with EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN, Mathias adds: “I think we add a new color to its catalogue, and throughout the journey EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN have stood out as dedicated and flexible people who understand what UTMARKEN is about. Thus I'm excited to see where this relationship will take both parties!”


Here you can already check out the sensational official UTMARKEN video clip: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff5uKYJo-7U

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