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Creature was founded by M. Praher and D. Sennewald in autumn 1997 near Stuttgart/Germany. After several changes of members wich continued till 2002, a qualified Line-up was established, where only one founding member remained. With this cast, the first Demo “Mysteria Germania” (250 units) was released by self-production. It received great resonances in the Underground and was selled out in a short time.
After some concerts and festival gigs the second demo “Heidenzorn” was recorded in spring 2003. It was limited to 400 units and exceeded the resonances on “Mysteria Germania”, so the first contract was signed with CHP in autumn 2003. In spring 2004 the D-Musick studio was entered to record the first full-length album “Der Ursprung”. The reactions of the press and the listeners were mainly positive, so that there more live activities in 2005 for example in Hungary and on several Festivals. After a 18-month lasting creative break the D-Musick Studio was entered again in 2006 to record the follower of “Der Ursprung”. The CD is called “Kreuzlaub” and shows a consitend progress in all concerns. The constand Line-up existing for four years, was ended up in 2006, while the good friend and vocalist T. Rube introduced his retirement. He was rapidly replaced by Barth, who fulfills his Job as frontman very well. In 2008 a new Label was founded in Eichenthron, so the new CD called “Feindtbild” was released on it. After five years of abstinence, the new album Helioskron' will be released on Ketzer Records in cooperation with Einheit-Produktionen. Now, in sixteen years of bandhistory Creature has found his style and presents a mixture of melodic and ambitious Black Metal without missing the rawness.





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