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EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN – Early Winter 2012 / 2013 NEWS!

Winter will be here soon!

EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN will be the exclusive distributor for the following Hungarian Folk Metal gems in Germany, Austria & Switzerland:

Dalriada – “Napisten Hava”

First off : Dalriada – “Napisten Hava” (limited edition) Digi-CD, their seventh studio album of Hungary's most successful Folk band! Their current video clip: „A Dudás“ (www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_FJEoXwkNE) managed to rack up 27.000 views after only one week! www.dalriada.hu

Niburta – „Scream From The East“

Then: Niburta – „Scream From The East“ CD, Hungary's new Folk Metal hopefuls ! Ten tracks featuring re-recorded versions of all the highlights of the band's fan favorites from the first recordings plus some brand new songs. Advance lyrics video is already available: (www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnP7qxC_k7I). This album will hit the stores at the special price of 9,99 €! www.niburta.hu

Both albums available after November 23rd 2012!

…but spring 2013 will surely come!


The Spanish nature-inspired Black Metal band has inked a deal with the German label for the release of its third full-length album entitled "Possessed By Telluric Feelings".

The record includes ten passionate and sophisticated songs and has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Javi Bartard at Moontower Studios and by Jordi Navarro at The Room Studios since autumn 2011.

Costin Chioreanu (well-known for his co-operations with Dark Throne, Ulver, Aura Noir, Arcturus, Roadburn Fest, etc ...) has created an individual artwork harmonizing with the earthbound title.

The album is scheduled for spring 2013 via Einheit Produktionen and will be released as a standard jewel-case CD and as a special collector's edition in a carved wooden box featuring some extras.

A mystic cult of ecstasy: the ideas behind “Possessed By Telluric Feelings”

LUX DIVINA's music is based upon a profound concept of nature philosophy. In the band's own words, their songs evoke feelings and impressions of “traveling through darkness, cult and spirituality of the past applied to modern times. It’s our personal vision of the deified forces of nature, and of man, who nowadays destroys what he once worshipped. In harmony with the magna mater our visions and hymns are part of her ethereal and mystique realm: a renaissance of pagan beliefs and practices to the symbiosis with the earth’s spirit, to the cult of ecstasy.” www.LuxDivina.com

AETHERNAEUMAlexander Paul Blake: Sophomore album to be released spring 2013 under the project moniker AETHERNAEUM

Alexander Paul Blake released his first album, "Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter", on Einheit Produktionen last April. He managed to thoroughly convince many followers of nature-mystique Folk Black Metal. Currently Berlin/Germany-based artist is busy producing his second album. He promises more melody, more atmosphere and better sound quality as well as , of course, lyrics about nature and spirituality again. However, the most important news is the transformation of the project's name into Aethernaeum from the second album on. “The name refers to the literary magazine “Athenäum” from the era of romanticism and is basically a new creation from this word and the term “ether”, explains Alexander Paul Blake. “I want to emphasize the project's reference to romanticism and spirituality, not being in the focus as a person so much as before, because with this second album there are other musicians supporting me. The new tracks are more epic, longer and more complex than the material of first album. I hope we get everything done by the end of the year and I am really excited to hear the final mixes myself. “ The still untitled Aethernaeum album will be released spring 2013 by Einheit Produktionen as a standard jewel-case CD and as a special collector's edition. www.aethernaeum.de

Further infos, audio teasers etc. at www.einheit-produktionen.de

Out Now

Bifroest - Mana Ewah

Bifröst – Mana Ewah CD

Utmarken - Utmarken

UTMARKEN – Utmarken CD



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