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Grabnebelfürsten „Pro-Depressiva“ Advance-Press voices

" …who contribute another gem to the local dark scene with only their fourth album in 15 years." (Marlis Wimmerer, www.nuclearblast.de)
„This music bleeds again! Grabnebelfürsten ask for the last dance. And you should be responsive to their plea !" (Dieter Hübing, www.zillo.de)
"Old-School torn apart and put together again in avant-garde, unique Black Metal between introvert contemplation and hysteric fury. A dignified farewell from the German underground cult."
8/10 Punkte (Christian Schwarzer, www.Powermetal.de)
""Pro-Depressiva" is indeed the final album of the storm prophets of German outsider Black Metal: a hate-filled as well as reflective execration birth and thus an appropriate finale for the Grabnebelfürsten dynasty!" 8/10 points
(Florian Dammasch, www.metal.de)
"Grabnebelfürsten present avant-garde Black Metal in perfection. This is not just brainless thrashing, but a total work of art with philosophic depth."
(Karsten Henze, www.nachtaktiv-magazin.com )
„Pro-Depressiva" is a dramatic opus of avant-garde black metal enriched by poetic touch of German romanticism. Modern and philosophic music with a raw touch!“
(Paolo Vidmar, www.metalitalia.com)
„… who manage to convince with their diverse, but sometimes unusual compositions …" (Kruemel, www.bleeding4metal.de)
"Should Grabnebelfürsten really call it quits after „Pro-Depressiva“, they at least will leave a master piece of avant-garde Black Metal with this album!“ 12/15 points
12/15 Punkte (Wallace, www.folkmetal.at)

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