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Cryptic Forest „Ystyr“ Advance-Press voices

"A very successful mixture, which moves away from the soundscape of the omnipresent and influential Norwegian Black Metal and totally does its own thing. Unique and affecting!" (Marlis Wimmerer, www.nuclearblast.de)
"Full of anthems, epic and powerful without end: Cryptic Forest celebrate melodic Black Metal in their own special way." (Dieter Hübing, www.zillo.de)
"Far removed from any Pagan cliches and chock-full with ideas, forged into nine songs, "Ystyr" rips down from the slopes of the Black Forrest like a winter storm. CRYPTIC FOREST deliver a convincing debut without losing themselves in amateurishness or overly streamlined composition." 7,5/10 points (Christian Schwarzer, www.Powermetal.de)
"This production deserves the rating „ultra-fat“! Thundering drums and buzz saw electric guitars meet earth shattering vocals and lots of furiousness."
(Karsten Henze, www.nachtaktiv-magazin.com )
„A killer album where Immortal meet arcane and astral melodies. Black metal with a mystic spell but also powerful as old school teutonic thrash metal!“
(Paolo Vidmar, www.metalitalia.com)
"(…) their strong debut album "YSTYR" (…). Get ready for a powerful, well-produced and melodic Black Metal album, which does not have to fear the comparison to the greats of the genre. ." (Kruemel, www.bleeding4metal.de)
"With "Ystyr"Cryptic Forest release a well-crafted debut album, which will delight friends of melodic Black Metal art." 11/15 points (Wallace, www.folkmetal.at)

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