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GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN were founded by HOCHFINSTERWÜRDEN (guitar, drum programming) and STURM DEINER WINTER (vocals, bass, keyboards) in 1998.

This first line-up remained the creative nucleus of the band over the next years. Before the release of the first demo K.R. EISNEBEL joined the band as a second guitarist. This three-piece released the first demo „Zeitenwende-dem Wort ein Schwert“ in late 1998 and then the follow-up „Seelenpoker“ early 1999. In hindsight this second demo became a landmark in the band´s history. For the first time the band was properly promoted, gaining many enthusiastic reviews (e.g. from Legacy magazine) rewarding it with good sales. Even more than the debut this recording demonstrated the band´s efforts to create a unique brand for GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN within a scene that is often faceless.

Only a few months later the third demo entitled „Sakralästhetik“ was recorded, adding GLUTSTURM as the new bass player, for a release in early 2000. The band managed to affirm the positive impression of the predecessor established within the underground scene, making an even more positive impact this time.
Excellent reviews (e.g. Ablaze, Legacy, Eternity) helped the band to spread more than 1000 copies of the 40-minute demo all over the world. All this finally lead to the first record contract with German underground label KETZER RECORDS.

However, uncertain times arrived for the band, as HOCHFINSTERWÜRDEN turned his back on the band for personal reasons. After a short search a replacement was found in DER ERNST DES LEBENS also adding the first human drummer to the line-up with MARSCHHAUSEN. This was the recording line-up for GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN´s first official CD „Von Schemen und Trugbildern“, which was produced by Marcus Stock at Studio E. Exactly two years later the band released the successor „Dynastie - oder wie man Herrschaft definiert“. KETZER RECORDS limited both releases to 2.000 copies worldwide. Both original pressings are sold out for quite some time now.

Shortly after the release of the second album DER ERNST DES LEBENS decided to leave GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN.
Again the band had to find a second guitar player. Fortunately founding member HOCHFINSTERWÜRDEN rejoined the band, filling the gap in the most convenient manner. Now the new/old line-up worked even more dedicated on the third album „Schwarz gegen Weiß“, which was released in Spring/Summer 2005 by the German label BLACK ATTAKK, again gathering rave reviews. Prestigious Metal Hammer Magazine awarded 6 out of 7 points. Like the predecessor the third opus was produced by Pavor guitarist Armin Rave, who in the meantime had made himself a name as the producer of DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT.

Early 2005 a new edition of the debut „Von Schemen und Trugbildern“ was released by BLACK ATTAKK along with a special edition of „Dynastie“ which came out through ONSLAUGHT RECORDS from Mexico.

In the following years creative silence set in at the GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN camp. Parts of the band were forced to take longer hiatuses by work-related aspects. And again the personnel carousel was spinning. Bassist GLUTSTURM (today in CHAPEL OF DISEASE) left the band and was replaced by TAO, a long-time friend of the musicians.

At least for GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN´s songwriter STURM DEINER WINTER the years between 2005 and 2013 did not mean a creative standstill. The musician single-handedly produced three albums for his project DAS KAMMERSPIEL. These albums received very positive reviews in the German-speaking underground.

Nonetheless the five GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN never lost sight of their common goal during this long time-out: to record at least one more album. The time was at hand in Spring 2013: under the supervision of Armin Rave the album „Pro-Depressiva“ was recorded at Soundsight Studio in Hennef, which will now come out through KETZER RECORDS and EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN. This album will mark the end of the band GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN, even though the musicians have already set new ambitious goals: they have founded the follow-up band 3001


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