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Aethernaeum "Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald" Advance - Press voices

"Captivating, scary compositions in the finest Folk Black Metal style. Elitist dark anthems !"
(Markus Eck, www.emp.de)
„ ... Fans of early In The Woods, Agalloch, Ulver or also Burzum will heartily embrace "Wanderungen durch den Dämmerwald". With fragile reflectiveness and overwhelming power these tracks will make their way into the epicenter of your soul.“
8/10 points (Volkmar Weber www.RockHard.de)
"Elaborate Black Metal can be this entertaining and one does not acknowledge that some songs hit the 10-minute mark. Somebody has done everything right here."
(Michael Schäfer, www.zillo.de)
"Symptoms of fatigue have not to be feared, as Aethernaeum offer an intense album with 'Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald', which still displays many new details after numerous spins and manages to take you on a journey of the mind. Awesome !"
15/15 points (Endrew Stepan, www.legacy666.de)
"Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald" can easily compete with its rivals this year. Previously known ingredients are being tastefully combined here without leaving any stale aftertaste. A very entertaining yet intense listening experience !"
8,5/10 points (Nils Macher, www.Powermetal.de)
"The album is so full of soul, reaching so deep, that (provided that one has a little heart and soul) one simply gets addicted to it and can not leave it alone . Definitely check it out ! Very well done !"
10/10 points (Twilightheart, www.sheol-magazine.com)
"…and enthuses you from the first to last second with its dense atmosphere and coherent composition."
(Karsten Henze, www.nachtaktiv-magazin.com )

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