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The basic guideline for the unique nature of Black Metal-Project HORN was created by initiator Nerrath, who is strongly connected to nature, back in 2002 in the form of poetry. The decision to set the included topics to music accordingly developed from the fact that the solo artist had a certain sound scape in mind. He wrote lyrics for the first two self-produced albums entitled „Wanderszeit“ and „Der Forst im Frühjahr. Both releases restrict themselves in form and content to authentic descriptions of nature and joyful hiking .

As time went by not only Nerrath´s nature music changed and became more and more unique. Also HORN ´s lyrics evolved to passionate desciptions of nature including the resulting human emotions.

„The sound of a horn to me is a means to transform nature into sound. It reminds me of gorgeous mountian sceneries, domestic forrests and wonderful moments that occured there as well as life beyond of the world known today, but also it makes me think of the columns of life, that have been long forgotten, the power of the four seasons and their beautiful imagery, which rule with unbelievable power“, says the man behind the band project HORN which is as execptional as it is artistically valueable .

HORN is:

Nerrath - Gitarren, Schlagzeug, Jagdhorn, Gesang, Texte, Synthesizers, alle Logos und sämtliche Naturaufnahmen


„Wanderszeit“ (Demo 2003) , 4 Songs, 22 min. (Self-financed)
„Der Forst im Frühjahr“ (Demo 2004), 6 Songs, 34 min. (Self-financed)
„Jahreszeiten“ (Album 2005), 7 Songs, 43 min. (Self-financed)
„Die Kraft der Szenarien“, 8 Songs, 60 min. (Black Blood Records/ Einheit Produktionen)


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