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Late in 1995 members of FFF and Hecatomb united and founded a new unholy league. On search for a band name we decided to take GRABAK - the largest serpent lurking underneath the roots of Yggdrasil.

At the beginning of 1996 G. Antok and K. Mueller joined the band and became full time members. Some months later D. Glaser left the band for personal reasons. He became replaced by A. Feder, who had been a very good substitute in terms of skills and behaviour.

In 1997 Grabak entered a studio in Leipzig and gave birth to piece of black art – the one and only demo Grabak ever published. The demo got some quite good reviews in several magazines and fanzines.

Afterwards Grabak took their time to write some new material that has been recorded as promo material to gain a contract. CCP- Records offered the best deal and Grabak signed the contact in April that 1999. The debut album called “Der Prophet des Chaos” was released in autumn same year.

Some months later K. Mueller and A. Feder decided to leave the band and C. Badtke replaced both successfully. In 2001 Grabak recorded and released “Encyclopaedia Infernalis” via CCP Records – again.

Grabak’s third album has been recorded in April 2003 in Linz/Austria again and was released in autumn. It has been entitled “The Serpent within Paradise”.

At the end of 2004 S. Schmidt replaced D. Lakowitz on drums and was fully integrated into the band’s activities. Due to the line up changes Grabak started to write certain new material that was totally different from the material previously composed.

In August 2006 Grabak entered a studio in Leipzig to record some songs for labels, distribution companies etc.

As a result they signed a contract with Black Blood Records - their new home.
The new album “Agash Daeva” was recorded in March 2007 and will be available from June 8th 2007.


C. Badtke lead guitar
J. Klepel vocals
S. Schmidt drums&percussion
G. Antok bass guitar
A. Recklies distorted bass guitar


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