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HYPNOS Reviews

„Heretic Commando“ CD

„Hypnos return surprisingly and triumphant! The new album features challenging, mature Blackend Death Metal material throughout.“
(Markus Eck, www.emp.de)

„Hypnos do not simply deliver a blue print of their widely anticipated sound. (....) The band really benefited from the long break. A very strong comeback!“
(Frank Albrecht www.RockHard.de)

"Death Metal Deluxe. What VADER is for Poland, HYPNOS is for Czech Republic: the country's best-known and most influential Death Metal Band ! "
(Patrick Schmidt, www.nuclearblast.de)

"Hypnos spark a deadly blackened bonfire full of energy."
(Dominik Winter, www.zillo.de)

"No concessions towards today's overproduced plastic sound …"
12/15 Punkte (Bjoern Thorsten Jaschinski, www.legacy666.de)

"HYPNOS - A brilliant, subtle and dynamic return!”
(Arnaud Vansteenkiste, www.metallian.net)

"If you thought all had been said in death metal, take a listen to "Heretic Commando – Rise Of The New Antikrist" - it will make you change your opinion!"
(Petr Riha, www.paratmagazine.com)

„It's fun again to listen to these guys.“
(Wolle, www.adnoctum.de/streetcleaner-zine/ )

"Founded in 1999 by ex-Krabathor Bruno, Czech band Hypnos's death metal is perfect for all those who love dark atmospheres and powerful riffs and growls. Old school death metal forever!"
(Pierre, metalnemesis.free.fr)

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