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„Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter“ CD / Digi-CD

"An atmospheric manifesto! (...) a mind-blowing tour de force."
(Samia Scheib, www.nuclearblast.de )

"... stands for unspoilt, mystic and nature romantic Black-Metal (...), known from early Ulver and also Empyrium."
(Michael Schäfer, www.zillo.de)

"a coherent opus with atmospheric density (...) a multi-faceted bow to nativeness ."
13/15 Punkte (Endrew Stepan, www.legacy666.de)

".... a deeply nostalgic, romanticized side of mystic 90ies Nature Black Metal, that you hear from Germany only once in a blue moon."
6/7 Punkte (Alboin, www.metal.de)

"A spiritual escape with nature and a dimensional black metal brightened up by transcendental and euphonic ambiances!"
(Cynthia Mourato, www.metallian.net)

"Wild, romantic, melancholic – "Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter" is the perfect soundtrack back to nativeness."
(Jan Müller, www.metal1.info)

"… delivers (…) hard and melodic sound in perfection."
(Thomas, www.harte-musik.de)

"Highly recommended for fans of bands like Helrunar, Negura Bunget, early Ulver, Agalloch or Wolves In The Throne Room!"
(Pierre, metalnemesis.free.fr)

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