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Oakenshield Reviews

„Legacy“ CD

„This new Oakenshield album offers Epic Pagan Folk Metal with melodic depth. Very anthemic collection of songs, intelligently composed.“
(Markus Eck) www.emp.de

„Steady like an oak - epic without competition!“
(Marlis Wimmerer) www.nuclearblast.de

"An unpretentious, honest approach – and thus rather refreshing!"
(Heimdall) www.paganherald.com

„Medieval armies march through the highlands before the mind's eye and old myths come to life again (…) In direct comparison to Falkenbach this is a bit more raw and aggressive, but Vratyas Vakya's audience will be in good hands with Oakenshield."
(Sascha Blach) www.zillo.de

"If you like Folk Metal then you will love OAKENSHIELD, this band will never get you down and will always release something refreshing and sublime!"
(Semivivus) www.myspace.com/valhallapromotions

„Oakenshield second album„Legacy“ offers finest Epic-Metal fusing dark Black Metal, Folk and traditional influences.“
(Andre Friebel) www.monstersandcritics.de

„„Legacy“ has a great over-all atmosphere and proves that not all viking stories have already been told.”
(Justus Ledig) www.metal1.info

„With "Legacy" OAKENSHIELD's Ben Corkhill seemingly effortless created a very melodic and epic Pagan Folk album, which scores with its broad spectrum of influences.“
(kruemel) www.bleeding4metal.de

„The predecessor was already highly praised and compared to the greats of the genre. Legacy will probably surpass this.“
(Daniel Wirthmann) www.totenruf.de

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