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„Omen“ CD

„Ahnengrab put a prime example from the genre's picture book in your ears.“
(Markus Eck) www.emp.de

„Far away from cliches like Humppa and mead abuse this record offers true metal art with a melancholic atmosphere, catchy Black Metal riffing and traditional metal influences, which could not be more diversified in this genre.“
(Markus Jakob) www.nuclearblast.de

„"... 'Omen' has become a diverse as well as atmospheric and convincing opus. Disciples of Pagan Heavy Metal art can add it to their collections without hesitation."
(Sascha Blach) www.zillo.de

„(Not only) for Pagan Metal fans this is a contestant for the album of the years!"
(WHO) 13/15 Punkte www.legacy666.de

„…a real treat, second to none.“
(Andre Friebel) www.monstersandcritics.de

„This Pagan Black Metal work "Omen" brims over with impressive dark power and still has melodies and atmosphere.“
(kruemel) www.bleeding4metal.de

„A must have for fans of Riger!“
(Daniel Wirthmann) www.totenruf.de

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