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Ahnengrab were founded spring 2006 by Tibor C., Christoph H., Schoof and Christoph L. Black / Pagan was their choice of style ! Drummer Schoof was soon replaced by Tom from the band Fleshkult. Then the band lost its rehearsal room and the project was put off for a while. After the bumpy start it was decided to replace the guitar player Tibor C. with Maik M. and for the first time a bass player by the name of Johannes T. was added to the line-up. By mid 2007 Ahnengrab played their first live shows played in the Berlin / Brandenburg area of Germany. In May 2008 Maik M. left again and his predecessor and founding member Tibor C. rejoined. The songwriting process was completed and on September 13th 2008 the band was able to to celebrate the record release party for their self-titled debut album at the 2nd Wolfzeit festival. This album was recorded under difficult conditions, but its 40 minutes of playing time do reflect the stage of development at the time.

After the album release the band performed more live shows among them the Paganfest. The year 2011 Ahnengrab concentrated on composing new music and now the new opus „Omen“ will come out February 17th 2012 on Einheit Produktionen. The most notable difference to the first album is certainly the quality of the recording as this new record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Krause. Together with him the band made the effort to develop even the smallest detail. While remaining true to their original style, Ahnengrab does cover new ground. „Omen“ is an emotional roller coaster: sad, angry, desperate. Members of the Staatsorchesters Brandenburg on celli, violas and violins added an entire dimension to the album. Nobody less than Ingo Tauer was hired to create the artwork ensuring that it will be a feast for the eyes. „Omen“ will be released as a Digi Cd limited to 1000 copies as well as on standard jewelcase CD with a 16-page booklet.


  • Ahnengrab (2008)
  • Omen (2012)




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