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April 29th 2011 the time is at hand: a 7" vinyl split EP of Norwegian bands MYRKGRAV and VOLUSPAA limited to 500 copies will see the light of day ! Here you can check out the awesome cover artwork. The 7"EP will be released in a lavish gatefold cover. The bands themselves have to say this about the EP:


„After nearly five years of silence, Lars Jensen and Myrkgrav is back with more of the rich local history from Ringerike. With him on his team are amongst others renowned folk musician Olav Luksengård Mjelva on Norway’s national instrument – Hardanger fiddle; and Bernt Fjellestad of Guardians of Time as a guest vocalist. This is no fancy new wave of anything – it’s simply good ol’ folk metal."



”Following their successful debut album Åsa, Voluspaa is shortening the waiting time before their next full-length with yet another epic Viking metal hymn. The keywords here are aggressive shouts, big choirs and fierce guitar riffs, all wrapped in one proud and loud package.” "


Furthermore we work on three CD releases, which are scheduled for a May, 27th 2011 release (Digital Promotion by www.hearthemusic.de)

Vrani VolosaFrom EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN you will get VRANI VOLOSA's „Heresy / Epec“ Digi CD with Epic Pagan Metal. PRIMORDEAL's Alan comments: "Without a shadow of a doubt if they had been from a more 'fashionable' country their name would be on your lips already as one of the greatest and most important pagan metal bands around."
Thor Wanzek of www.trollmusic.net & Legacy Magazine, states: „Anybody who constantly laments, that everything was way better in the olden days and that true metal is not played anymore, will be disabused by VRANI VOLOSA's „Heresy“. (13/15 Punkte)


Out of the MEDUSA PRODUCTIONS metal forge come ABROGATION with their „Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot" CD featuring Ancient Melodic Metal, about which PURGATORY's René has this to say: "With their new album ABROGATION follow their unconventional, unique path. "Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot“ is a homogenous Melodic Death Metal album with slight Heavy Metal influences. The dark, German medieval lyrics only underline the originality of the band. Respect."

WaldgeflüsterAs all good things come in threes there will be WALDGEFLÜSTER's „Femundsmarka“ CD out on BLACK BLOOD RECORDS offering Nature Black Metal. Max / ex-HELFAHRT / SOLEIL GRIS comments: "Femundsmarka: authentic, emotional, highly atmospheric and progressive in terms of playing abilities. After all these years Waldgeflüster still manage to fascinate me with this style of music. A journey that could not be more authentic. In my book Waldgeflüster is the last credible band capable of mixing atmospheric intensity and real emotions with seemingly progressive nuances and still remaining true to the highest virtue of artistic work: authenticity !"

More info, audio teasers etc at www.einheit-produktionen.de

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Bifroest - Mana Ewah

Bifröst – Mana Ewah CD

Utmarken - Utmarken

UTMARKEN – Utmarken CD



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