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Black Messiah

Bandhistory 2005

Black Messiah was founded 1994 as a pure old-school Black Metal band. The songs of the members at that time, Zagan (Vox, Bass), Frohnleichnam (Guitar), and Reverend Heidenbluth (Drums) paid tribute to Black Metal idols like Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, and Possessed. At this time, songs like Southside Golgatha, Goats Pray, Cathedral of Hell, and Black Messiah have their origin and are complete to hear on the first 1995 demo, which is totally sold out.

Frohnleichnahm left the band in 1996. As a result of major disagreements between Zagan and Reverend Heidenbluth, the Reverend leaves the band, too. Zagan, who has a classical music education, now stands alone and before him the possibility to reach a new musical territory with the composing of songs with classical and pagan influences.

In 1997, Zagan recorded the first album "Sceptre of Black Knowledge" with drummer Nabahm (known from bands like Innana Unveiled and Goat of Mendes). The record was then financed through the record company Last Episode and experienced a world wide distribution.
Among some older songs like Sceptre of Black Knowledge, Pagan Winter, and Diabolic Rites, which are more old-school-like, there were new songs like Old Gods, Crusade of the Blackened, and Queen of Darkness. The new songs especially, garnered appreciation in form of very positive critiques in many magazines and fanzines. Many guest musicians, and most notably former Sodom-Kreator guitarist Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik, have added their contributions to the creation of the first Black Messiah CD.

In mid-1999, and few days before the record session of the second CD, came the break-up between Black Messiah and Last Epsiode. The result was that Zagan immediately cancelled the contract and, in the summer of 2000, enters a self-rented studio to record a still unrevealed 3-track demo on its own.
The demo contains 3 new songs and with the songs Christenfeind and Blutsbruder (German lyrics), it carries on the solid tradition of the first album. Hard but melodic guitarplaying meets up with traditional pagan elements which are represented by mandolin and/or violin. "My Way to Asgaard", however, is a very typical Black Metal song.

At the beginning of 2001, Zagan and Nabahm decide to part company because Zagan wanted to enter the stage with Black Messiah, but Nabahm only wanted Black Messiah as a pure studio project. This was second great cut in the band's history after the exit of the two founding members. Without hesitation, Zagan begins to search for new musicians.

First new members to join the band were Zoran and Drahco. Altough Zoran, who had already played together with Zagan in his old band ‘Disgust’, hadn´t much to do with Black Messiah´s old musical influences, negotiated his way with the band´s music very soon.
Then Surthur found his way to the horde and impressively demonstrated, how to give the old material a new look without losing it´s original agression, and how to add his unique style into Black Messiah´s fourther songwriting.

Soon Hrym showed up and demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm into the band and it´s music. From now on great musical changes occured. Hrym and Zoran figured out that both liked each other´s way of songwriting and this finally lead to Black Messiah´s actual sound. Songs such as ‘Bury the Lambs of Christ’ or raging ‘Setting Sails / Riding the Drakkar’ had been written within a short period of time and speak for the dynamic songwriting between Zagan, Hrym and Zoran.
The time was right to focus onto a professionel career concerning the search for a new record deal and plannig live concerts. First step into that direction was to record a new album. Second step was seeking for a third guitar player. His name: Meldric. From a list of many applicants, Meldric stood out to be the first choice for the band. He showed that he could handle Black Messiah´s uncommon guitar style perfectly. Adding a third guitarist to the lineup not only will support Zagan, while he´s playing the violin or mandolin live on stage. It will also help to perform and to write triple guitar melodies, like they are to be found on the new CD.
In the beginning of 2005 Black Messiah sent away copies of new song material along with detailed portfolios about the band.

After a short time, and some negotiations Black Messiah have signed a contract with German record label Einheit Produktionen.

Actual line-up:
Zagan (voice, git., violin, mandolin)
Drahco (bass)
Zoran (git.)
Meldric (git.)
Hrym (keys & synths.)
Surthur (drums and perc.)

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