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Ancient Melodic Metal with German lyrics!


In the mid-nineties two musicians teamed up to start a band, which has drawn quite some attention under the ABROGATION banner for a few years. Soon RW (b) and Schwarte (g,v) found another guitar player named Poldi and after two demo CDs “Screams Of Soul” (1997) and “Creation Of Madness” they had gained enough musical know-how to go for the first real strike, even though in a different stylistic niche. The result was entitled “Handwerk Des Todes”. With this first full-length the band went the, at the time, pretty adventurous step of releasing a metal album with German lyrics. Fans and media alike were pretty astonished, as nobody had heard this combination before. Ultraconservative guitar attacks with grand melodies met low but uniquely growled, characteristic vocals. Catchy, sometimes even anthemic songwriting – think of “Der Schwarze Tod” known from Rock Hard’s Unerhört compilation – crosses the blades with inventive, intelligent lyrics with Germanic roots. The result was an opus full of highlights such as the furious ‚Finsternis‘, the headbanger’s ode “Die Schlacht” or a riveted tribute to Mr. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe entitled ‚Erlkönig‘. Despite its limited distribution the self-produced record managed to raise some dust with its awesome material, receiving many positive reviews, some bigger features (11/12 points; Heavy, Oder Was!?), contributions to several underground compilations, successful live shows and interest from several labels. At this time the last remaining problem had been solved with the addition of an adequate drummer named John Doe to the band’s line-up for the coming live battles. It was time to take the next step. A deal with Grind Syndicate Media allowed the ‚Das Blut Der Toten‘ (“The Blood Of The Dead”) to flow better acoustically due to the improved recording conditions. Again the lyrical thread of the predecessor is picked up now leading through nightmarish worlds where witches burn, indulgence letter change their not so pious owners. There is torture, hanging at the gallows and abortions, making the listener think he or she wakes up in the middle of a sinful medieval binge, all at ABROGATION’s command. From a musical standpoint the band again offers a very well executed mixture of pure Heavy Metal and clearly audible Death Metal elements. Inimitably mixed to distinctive opuses such as “Tyrannei Der Engel”, “Geisterstunde” or “Engelmacherin”. Pure ABROGATION. In late 2004 the signs again indicated stormy weather. With “1487” and tracks like “Hexenhammer”, “Rabenschlacht”, “Gotteskrieger”, “Walpurgis Nacht”, “Henkerslied” and few more shrapnels, among them a great remake of the early hit ‚Erlkönig‘,ABROGATION again march to war. Grimly looking onward, unflinchingly walking the musical path once chosen. The band secured its musical individuality with ‚1487‘ not one other band does remotely sound like these guys here. And who can claim that for themselves nowadays ? Which band does not bore with stereotyped replications but improves and refines their own sound a little bit more with each new release ? In 2009 these guys outdid themselves again with "Sarggeburt". The four musicians seem to have an endless potential for new songs. Again they delight us with melodies, harsh guitar riffs and strong German lyrics ! 13 songs with an overall playing time of nearly 53 minutes speak for themselves. This time there are a few details the listener would not expect and many will be positively surprised. Songs like "Sarggeburt", "Sündenbock", "Totensammler", "Fegefeuer", "Seelenverkäufer" or the CD’s surprise "Hans Eisenbeiss" simply speak for themselves. Now in the year of 2011 there is another strike coming. The new CD "Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot" will be first presented to the interested listener with a live interview on Metal Only ....

line-up 2011:

Schwarte – guitars / vocals (founding member)
Poldi - guitars (since 1998)
RW – Bass (founding member)
JohnDoe – drums (since2000)


Album 1997 „Screams Of Soul ” CD BMG
Album 1998 „Creation Of Madness ” EP self-produced
Album 1999 „Handwerk des Todes ” CD self-produced
Album 2002 „Das Blut der Toten“ CD Grind Media Syndicate / Nuclear Blast
Album 2005 „1487” CD Oomoxx Media
Album 2009 „Sarggeburt” CD self-produced
Album 2011 „Tief Schwarz Blutig Rot ” CD Medusa Productions

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