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Walhalla Metal Mag


Requirements for DEMO Applications:


  • We only accept demo's on Compact Disc(s).
  • We don't have the time to download mp3 files, so don't bother sending us links to your files (or unannounced e-mail attachments) without a prior agreement.
  • Please make sure your music is related to the kind of sounds we present. Too often people send us material that's completely out of our focus. Please take your time to check out our music before you send us your tunes.
  • We'll listen to every demo but give us some time to get back to you, as this might take a while.
  • Please don't forget to write down your contact address (e-mail is fine) on the CD.
  • Demo's are never returned!

Out Now

Bifroest - Mana Ewah

Bifröst – Mana Ewah CD

Utmarken - Utmarken

UTMARKEN – Utmarken CD



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