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EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN – News for summer of 2009

FINSTERFORST Wanted: new Singer
After five successful and definetly funny years we unfortunately have to announce, that Finsterforst and Marco will go seperate ways from now on. The band would like to express their gratitude for all his dedication. Thank you Marco!!

The vacant lead singer's job of course has to be filled, so Finsterforst search for a new screaming hobgoblin. If you a interested, please send your detailed application to our contact. You should include:

  • current photo
  • short description which answers the following questions: Who, Where from, How old, musical experience: singing and, if any, instrumental!
  • recordings, if you have

It´s time again for some news from Einheit Produktionen!


Out of the misty fjords of the area of Sogndal, where once WINDIR created their masterpieces, come MISTUR. These sensational Norwegian Epic Viking Black Metal masters have been joined by ex-WINDIR guitarist Strom, bringing in his brilliant influences.

MISTUR's fantastic songs are majestic and larger than life, leaving enough scope for their talent for highly melodic and powerful music to unfold.

In September 2008, MISTUR recorded their debut album "Attende" in the famous Norwegian Akkerhaugen Studios. The album was produced by Thorbjorn Akkerhaugen, who has already assisted Emperor and Windir in creating their epic walls of sound.

The brilliant album cover for this timeless Album was designed by none other than the Belgian Kris Verwimp, who went a step further by painting the artwork in oil.

"Attende" will be released in close cooperation with Einheit Produktionen and the release date will be 28 August 2009.



Competent Russian Viking Metal veterans NOMANS LAND have successfully completed the recordings for their fourth album masterpiece „Farnord“, which was produced at Finnish Sevik Audio studios. Release date for this new magic moment will be August, 28th 2009. First audio impressions can already be checked at: www.myspace.com/nomanslandrus

Norwegian Viking Metal pioneers THUNDRA, featuring founding members of ENSLAVED & EINHERJER, also did not remain inactive and present you „Ignored By Fear“ as the meaningful album title of their new nordic stroke of genius! The new studio album is also scheduled to come out on August, 28th 2009 ! First videos & song teasers: www.myspace.com/thundra

Additional live news: NOMANS LAND & THUNDRA plan to promote their new albums in Germany and Europe with a shared tour in November 2009 also featuring OBSCURITY & KROMLEK ! More news and dates to follow shortly!

There´s also news from popular Vikinger metalheads THUDVANGAR: Their fourth album will be produced by the end of May. It will contain 13 tracks to fully satisfy the addicted fan with more than 60 minutes of music. A limited digipak version including a DVD, which will feature a video clip, an interview and live recordings from this year´s Barther Metal Open Air 2009, will also be made available. Release is planned for winter 2009/2010. More at: www.myspace.com/thrudvangar

THRUDVANGAR will play a short but sweet mini tour in September joined by their labelmates ANDRAS & MORTAL INTENTION:

Friday, September, 11th 2009 in Erfurt – „From Hell“ + THE SCOURGE
Saturday, September, 12th 2009 in Dresden – „Skullcrusher“ + BLACK UNICORN
Sunday, September, 13th.2009 in Berlin – „Magnet Club“ + METLEHEM

As the ancient Pagan gods seem to be well-disposed towards die-hard Austrian BIFRÖSThorde, the compositions for the second studio album „Heidenmetal“ could be created in the best manner possible. Now these timeless, great songs have now been put onto another sound carrier, with the active support of musician and producer Stefan Traunmüller in his professional sound forge – the sensational, brandnew mighty deed of an album „Heidenmetal“ now tells about the enormous musical abilities of the über-talented Bifröst gang. Again the unspoilt mob of musicians bravely set out to find support of an adequate label as soon as possible and scatter the sounds of the new CD to the four winds – established East German record label Einheit Produktionen had exactly the right instinct and after the successful contract signing both parties now look forward to a successful and fruitful cooperation. Only a few Pagan brigades this talented can be sighted and heard on the scene of the genre – „Heidenmetal“ will take the hearts of all Pagan Metal disciples by storm ! Guaranteed! Release date will be in the Winter 2009/2010. More info: www.myspace.com/bifrst

The sub-label BLACK BLOOD RECORDS proudly announces the signing of Dresden´s Epic Black Metal Band SADO SATHANAS. Their new album, the mighty, unholy thunder stroke „Opus Diaboli“ will also be tackled in the winter 2009/2010. More information at: www.sadosathanas.de

As always audio snippets & more news can be found at www.Einheit-Produktionen.de and www.Black-Blood-Records.de

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Bifroest - Mana Ewah

Bifröst – Mana Ewah CD

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