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HornWaldgeflüster – „Herbstklagen“ CD



As the initiator of this band placed the creative switches of his dark ambition towards Black Metal, there was an individual mix of black metallic and nature bound topics in his mind. Yes, Winterherz, so the pseudonym of the German musician, wants to render homage to the established classic Black Metal with Waldgeflüster. At the core standing as a solo-project, there were soon found useful live-combatants – so by now stage performances happen as quartet. On the stylistic sector the debut record “Herbstklagen” resides at the epic melancholic sounds of groups like Hel, Empyrium and also Horn. The wistful plaintive sounding escape of civilization of the creator is therefore to be experienced as philosophic orientated organism of notes, which was injected a proper dose of world-weariness into the mostly middle-rhythmic pulsing veins. Hence, the gentle created songs snort icy and heavy raging in spite of all the empathy.

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