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HornFinsterforst – „...zum Tode hin“ CD



Nobody can accuse these musically unerring Viking Folk Metal woodmen from the German blackforrest empire of being short-lived
trendfollowers. Far from it. The electrifying debut album „Weltenkraft“, released 2007, had quite a lot to offer. Now these fierce hit melody composers and bark eaters pile the fire up: the current bombastic album succesor „…Zum Tode hin“ proves the nature loving seven-piece horde to be extremely proficient musicians. As commonly known a raging, blazing passion for this special kind of pagan music is only very rarely realized nowadays. The mixture of styles offered by the audibly extremely talented septet has now found itself in the exact intersection of virtues known from Ensiferum, Moonsorrow and Finsterforst themselves. The current release will be promoted by concerts and festival performances. Also press only has the highest praise for the band.

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