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Biography „Waldgeflüster“

As solo-project of the profound mind Winterherz, Waldgeflüster shows an individual mix of melancholic and nature-bound topics. The project, which was founded in autumn 2005, renders homage to Black Metal and its complexity with every note and every word of the lyrical songs.

Three months after the foundation Winterherz already started the recordings to the first demo in his own Schattenschmiede Studios. „Stimmen im Wind“(„Voices in the Wind“) was released in the summer of the following year. Over the Label Black Blood Records the debut “Herbstklagen”(~ Autumn lamentations) was published in February 2009. The sound of Waldgeflüster was able to capture the recondite might of nature by harmonic but also overwhelming melodies, while the lyrics underlined the projected thoughts and feelings and therefore perfected the record.

Over the years a capable live line-up was searched and found, in order to being able to present the music of Waldgeflüster to an interested audience. From autumn 2006 till spring 2010 Alex Lechner of Omnivorous and Schwarkristall’s Noctar inspired the listeners at diverse concerts amongst others. Since mid of 2010 Thomas Birkmaier (Scarcross), Hannes Bernhardt (Scarcross), Florian Schwager and Arcadius (Grotscent) are the musicians that will support Winterherz live.

For the first time not on desolate paths, melancholy and the closeness to nature are again the most important elements of the new record of Waldgeflüster. With the concept album “Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapitel” (Femundsmarka – A Journey in three chapters), which will be realesed on May 27th 2011, Winterherz and his brother P. handle a shared trekking journey. The two brothers deliberate their experiences in the rough nature of the region of Engerdal. This area of wilderness with thick-stemmed, clear pine afforestation, huge lumps of rock, bare mountainous regions as well as numerous untouched rivers and lakes is a mirror of the lyrics and therewith of the world of thoughts of Waldgeflüster. Adapted to the experiences and the diversified nature, Waldgeflüster promise with their new creation again complexity and intricacy.

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„Stimmen im Wind“ - Demo, 2006
„Herbstklagen“ – Full-lenght, 2009
„Femundsmarka“ – Full-length, 27ter Mai 2011

Live Line-up:

Winterherz – Gesang
Thomas Birkmaier – Schlagzeug
Hannes Bernhardt – Bass
Dominik Frank – Gitarre
Arcadius – Gitarre

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