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Einheit Produktionen – Spring 2008 – News

Good things come to those who wait !“ An old proverb. We want to apologize for delaying our new releases for so long, but both artists again proved their prefectionalism:

Reviewing the debut „Fortapt Fra Verden I Vakkert Selvmord“ Norway´s most important metal magazine SCREAM wrote: „Give SORGSVART a studio budget and production facilities and you will surely get a new band ready to conquer the world !" (Jørn Nøsterud). Now the new album „Vikingtid Og AnArki“ exceeds all expectations. The new milestone of Epic Folk Pagan Black Metal will be available March 20th 2008 .www.SorgSvart.net

HORN won´t stand back & releases „Naturkraft“, the perfect successor to „Die Kraft der Szenarien“. HORN reached cultstatus by securing the top position in Einheit Produktionen online shop charts with the sales of their shirts. „Naturkraft“, another perfect soundscape from nature, will also be ready March 20th 2008. www.wanderszeit.de

Einheit Produktionen can proudly announce the signing of East German Pagan Black Metal veterans ANDRAS. Without a doubt their latest opus „...Of Old Wisdom“ can be assessed as one of the best records of the genre so far. As of now the finishing touches are being added to the overwhelming successor „Iron Way“, which will be in the stores June 28th 2008. www.andras.de.vu

Anglosaxon Epic Pagan Metal project OAKENSHIELD has their debut album „Gylfaginning“ nearly completed. Release is also scheduled for June, 28th 2008. Expect pure joy for fans of FALKENBACH and the epic-melodic hero art of BATHORY. . www.oakenshield.org

Long serving bards ODROERIR have not been inactive. The studio is booked for late March to produce „Götterlieder II“. January 2009 will see another European tour joining GERNOTSHAGEN & HELFAHRT to promote the new masterpiece, which will come out later this year. www.odroerir.com

More news, audio teasers, concert and festival dates and much more as always at: www.Einheit-Produktionen.de, merchandise at: shop.einheit-produktionen.de.

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