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Mortal IntentionOAKENSHIELD - „Gylfaginning“ CD

Finest Melodic Epic Pagan Viking Metal in the best Falkenbach style opens up to friends of these sounds on the current debut album „Gylfaginning”. Immensly melodic, yes, even highly enchanting and
executed catchingly, arranged in an intoxicating monumental manner and celebrated ceremoniously and atmospherically, the compositions contain countless pleasurable and enjoyable listening experiences. Above all this first Oakenshield album impresses with its rich wealth of seemingly fresh and invigorating ideas, because here everything comes across pleasantly natural, honest and thus truely stout-hearted. Fortunately uncontrolled frantic speed execceses or even border-crossing experiments in brutality are not neccessary, when such majestic and bombastic Pagan anthems as those on „Gylfaginning” are being worthyly represented. The master rather employs flutes and fidels in a very animating manner. Press was already very convinced by this stroke of genius.

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