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Mortal Intention


Mortal Intention – an enormously symbolically significant group-name which stands symbolic for the lifeless impassivity of the modern prosperity society. Full of energies in the year 1996 by the foundation-fathers Christian, Tony and Tobias into the hard existence called, the participants worked immediately later at its entirely special varied and atmospheric Black Metal-style, which uses still today also elements of death metallic areas.

Tightly a year later, after first various obligatory line-up changes and the official stages-debut, resulted the very first publication of one on 200 copies limited and quickly assaulted demonstration sound-recording-medium with the title „Der Fall Jesu“. In things, play-technical abilities, number of pieces and demand of the listeners exceeded the following demo-cassette „Gottes Hure“ the predecessor. The third presentation 1999 by the name of „Wintermond-Promo“ threw Mortal Intention in self-conduct in the year 2000 the martial and very extreme debut album „Beflecket Fleisch“ in 500 number of pieces afterwards.

The individually held creating of the hateful horde became some accord in the more largely becoming scene based on large ideas variety. The second studio album „Sic Luceat Lux“ appeared as a CD and LP – an polarizing effect based on the offered contents strongly in two sides should not stay away at the same time in the underground of the scene. For the band this was only ok, they wanted and wants to be namely absolutely no mediocrity. The year 2003 saw this impetuous troop also rage around itself outside of German stages. After a „Promo 2004“, these unyielding two years later attacked couples of innocent ears with its to date best and most ripened album: „Latent Letal“ – again in skilled self-conduction on the legs placed. A massive further development showed itself. In the year 2007 arrived, appear Mortal Intention meanwhile of its most sovereign and creatively most productive creator-site. The musical reason scaffolding out of Black- and Death Metal, paired with quality melodic starting points out of the Heavy Metal, newly was defined once more – out came another symbiosis of a Mortal Intention-typical sound picture: „Abglanz“, the thundering new Mortal Intention discus! With this truly excellently made album in the leather pocket, they have found now also a dependable partner in German Black Blood Records / Einheit Produktionen. Two competent labels, which will follow bravely the newly chosen way together with these grim horde in the future.

Tobias / vocals + synth
Christian / guitar + lead
Elko / bass
Dirk / guitar + lead
Norman / drums

1997 "Der Fall Jesu" Tape
1998 "Gottes Hure" CDr/Tape
2000 "Beflecket Fleisch" CD
2002 "Sic Luceat Lux" CD/LP
2006 "Latent Letal" CD
2008 "Abglanz" CD


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